Why Ethiopia

Should be your next destination

What if we told you there is a destination that has it all. A place for history buffs and mountain adventurers. A meeting point of cultural engagement, where the world’s religions coexist. A place determined by geography where endemic wildlife thrives, and Africa’s greatest river is born.

Would you believe us?
It seems the very notion of travel was created in order to explore Ethiopia, a land that satis es our curiosity to encounter new cultures, learn from history, and enjoy beautiful landscapes, all with the spice of adventure! The only major African country to avoid European colonization, Ethiopia is an incubator of ancient culture, tribal customs, and religious passion. The fabled kingdom of Abssynia is home to Africa’s only written script, epic tales of kings and queens, and a homegrown way to tell time. Thanks to its cultural diversity, Ethiopians offer some of the best and most varied food in Africa, and their traditional dances and local music can compete with any country on the world stage. Are you still doubting?
Ethiopia is rich in ecosystems including high alpine, tropical forests, savannahs, and deserts. A place where volcanoes are born and mountain ranges give cover to a wide variety of animals.
If you choose Ethiopia, we are sure you will want to come back over and over to
experience more of the only country on earth that seems to exist in its own universe

A place where the hidden beauty of life is obvious



Maps have a special kind of magic to entice the most curious of travelers. Throughout history, maps of Ethiopia—referred to as Abyssinia— have presented the highland kingdom as a place of wonder and mystery, inspiring explorers, monks, and adventurers to wander and discover. Accept this gift to inspire your future
journey to Ethiopia.

Unfold Ethiopia