Religious Festivals

Duration: 4 Days

Northern Ethiopia

The best way to truly experience Ethiopian culture is through its many festivals and religious ceremonies. With some foresight and organization, these events can be visited as part of a variety of tour packages.

Due to Ethiopia’s religious history, celebrations and festivals play an important role in daily life. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church ceremonies are unique and impressive, especially Timket, Genna and Meskel. During these festivals, religious followers and priests across the country follow ancient customs and dress in traditional garb. The Ethiopian Orthodox church celebrates some 150 major and minor festivals per year and many of these holidays not only mobilize a large percentage of the local population, but attract tourists from all over the world.

Every year, Vast Ethiopia Tours takes visitors to the heart of the celebration. Most often visitos will combine the Northern Historic Route with Timket (Epiphany – January 19th) or Genna (Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas – January 7) in the cities of Lalibela, Gonder and/or Axum. Many stay for both holidays. See our section about Ethiopian Religious Holidays for further ideas and dates of festivities.