The Steps of Tewodros

This moderate overnight trek gives visitors the chance to
relive one of Ethiopia’s most incredible chapters of history.
Mekdela was the site of the dramatic undoing of one of Ethiopia’s national heros: Tewodros II. After uniting much of Northern Ethiopia and winning much respect, his empire slowly deteriorated. To fend against his enemies he sought the help of the British and even took British hostages to get the Queen’s attention, which led to the invasion of 30,000 British troops and his ultimate suicide. Spend two days hiking to and from this rarely visited gem in the Welo highlands. Spend the night with the Mekdela tourism association where a guide will show you Tewodros’ gravesite, the location of his former palace, and the 10-ton cannon he ordered his hostages to build, known as Sevastopol. After a few days, you will be able to visualize how Mekdela came to be Tewodros’ impenetrable rock as well as his everlasting tomb.


5 Days