Lalibela to Abuna Yosef

Combining a visit to the historic Lalibela rock-hewn churches
with trekking in the highlands is the perfect way to experience
Ethiopia’s rich history and natural beauty, giving the adventurer
the best of both worlds. After spending a few days in Lalibela,
start your hike into the stunning panoramas of the arid
escarpment where basalt towers and dramatic precipices fall
into the valleys below. Spend two nights in a typical highland
village, eating meals with local families who live in traditional
huts, and lead a way of life tied to animal husbandry. Enjoy
the summit day hiking through afro-alpine meadows before
finally reaching Abuna Yosef (4,300m). On the mountaintop, the
lammergeyers surfing the high winds will keep you company
before you turn around and hike out the way you came.


6-8 Days