Ancient tribes

Of the Southern Culture Route

The Southern Culture Route takes travelers to the heart of Ethiopia’s most diverse tribal lands in the Omo Valley to witness animist cultures that strike a chord with the true African experience. Ethiopia has more than 80 ethnicities living within its borders, all speaking different languages with different customs, and the journey through the Omo Valley brings you closer to those tribes who for centuries have lived in isolation from the rest of the world.
An adventure unlike any in Africa, you will see firsthand the way these tribes live, dress, eat, and socialize. You will also experience some of their most intimate customs and ancient ceremonies, acts of courage and passion taht seem to defy modernity. You will realize that these tribes are now tethered to global tourism and wonder how
over the next decades, the Karo, Hamer, Erbore, Surma, and Mursi will face decisions on how to carry their people
forward in a changing world. Here today, the traveler can still catch a glimpse of the past.
We strive to treat these tribes as well as their lands with respect and use local tour associations that benefit the
entire tribe or village. A delicate balance of respect, development, and preservation is necessary to preserve what
has already existed for so long.


12 Days