Duration: 7 Days

The rarely visited Southwest region of Gambella is an excellent alternative for cultural tourism for travelers who have already been to the tribal villages of South Omo or who prefer to see something less affected by mass tourism.

This off-the-beaten-track takes visitors through the middle of Oromia, passing first through the Gurage region southwest of Addis Ababa and then through the Gibe river valley to Jimma, an evergreen region of Ethiopia steeped in culture and history, much of which has to do with coffee.

Spend the afternoon in one of Ethiopia’s largest coffee plantation in the same mountains where coffee Arabica was discovered. Here you will see how Ethiopians grow, harvest and produce coffee for export as and the domestic market.

The tour continues through the green highlands of the Oromia region where smallholder farmers grow and harvest their own coffee. Day three takes visitors to the Sor Waterfall, one of Ethiopia’s biggest, for lunch on the banks of the Sor river. The half-day trek gives travelers a chance to stretch their legs and hike away from the main road.

By the fourth day, the group descends to an altitude of 500 meters to the city of Gambella. Here the Baró river ambles through the town and locals are attuned to a slower pace of life matched with the river.

The next two days are spent on day-tours outside of Gambella visiting Nuer and Anuwak villages. The two tribes have been sharing the Gambella area for centuries and until recently have not always lived peacefully. Recently, the tribesmen have struck a peace agreement and for the last several years, the quality of life has increased.

The Southwest of Ethiopia is a tour through a region of Ethiopia unaccustomed to tour groups and photography. The tribes of Gambella continue to exhibit a purity of interest in visitors showing the same interest in their customs and trades.

  • Itinerary

    Day 1 Drive from Addis Ababa to Jimma and visit the Aba Jiffar palace in Jimma. Overnight in Honeyland Hotel.
    Day 2 Drive the “coffee road” to the village of Limu and visit the Limu Sintuu coffe plantation. Continue to the town of Metu. Overnight Hotel.
    Day 3 Visit the Sor Waterfall near Metu for a half-day trek and enjoy a sack lunch above the powerful falls. Continue the scenic drive to Gambella. Overnight Ethiopia Hotel.
    Day 4 Culture day-tour to the villages of Itang and Laria to see the Anuwak and Nuer tribes. Overnight Ethiopia Hotel
    Day 5 Culture half day-tour to the village of Elia to visit the Nuer tribesmen. Return to Gambella and visit the prison’s beads shop. Overnight Ethiopia Hotel.
    Day 6 Drive back to Jimma, stopping at the Bedele brewery for lunch. Overnight in Honeyland Hotel.
    Day 7 Drive to Addis Ababa stopping in the Negash Lodge for lunch.
    *Lodges can replace camping upon request.
    *Camping gear can be provided upon request.

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