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Dear Traveler,

Welcome to VAST ethiopia tours, an Ethiopian-owned tour and travel operator with expert knowledge of Ethiopia Tours, Ethiopian culture, geography and history. Our staff of 10 Ethiopians, from guides and drivers to our very helpful office in Addis Ababa, and foreign tour consultants are here to help you create the perfect holiday in Ethiopia.

We offer tour and travel throughout Ethiopia with guides who really know and understand our country, languages and culture. VAST guides can accommodate you and your group in English, German, Spanish, Polish, French and Flemish. VAST will take you to every corner of Ethiopia, by airplane, tour bus, 4×4 and by foot. VAST specializes in the Historic Route through Ethiopia’s North as well as Cultural Tours in the South Omo Valley and everything in between. Let us show you just how VAST Ethiopia is.

In addition to enriching your experience, VAST Ethiopia Tours has ulterior motives, namely changing the world’s negative perception of Ethiopia and its people. Even thirty years after the much talked about famine of 1984, most people tend to link Ethiopia with poverty and destitution. VAST strives to show a side of Ethiopia that not only is enchanting but shows Ethiopians as a people doing everything they can to improve theirs and the lives of their families.

Indeed, the story of VAST proves that an Ethiopian-run company can offer quality tourism services at a competitive price with flawless execution. We are the proof that Ethiopians are indeed at the forefront of the growth and transformation of Ethiopia, and through our VAST Cares community development program, we donate 10% of our profits to several social programs in education, culture and helping the physically disabled.

VAST Ethiopia Tours represents more than just your key to visiting Ethiopia, we represent love and passion for Ethiopia. Every time you travel with VAST, Ethiopia gets a little more vast.

Welcome to VAST Ethiopia Tours!

Habtu Tekeba,
Founder of VAST Ethiopia Tours

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Vast Ethiopia

21 Days
The traveler who truly wants to “experience” all Ethiopia has to offer will be drawn to Vast Ethiopia Tours’s Complete Ethiopia Tour. In just under three weeks, travelers can participate in the...


12 Days
Ethiopia has more than 80 ethnicities living within its borders, all speaking different languages and practicing different customs. VAST’s Southern Cultural Route takes travelers to the heart of the most...

Natural Wonders

12 Days
Over geological time, the northern part of the Great Rift Valley has formed a triangular basin between the Danakil Desert and the Afar Plain that today holds some of the most astounding terrain in the Horn of...

Historic Route

15 Days
Ethiopia has a proud and long history extending all the way to the known beginnings of human kind. The Historic Route overland tour takes visitors from the current capital of Addis Ababa to the former capitals of...

Coffee & Culture

7 Days
The rarely visited Southwest region of Gambella is an excellent alternative for cultural tourism for travelers who have already been to the tribal villages of South Omo or who prefer to see something less affected...

Bird Watching

10 Days
Ethiopia is one of Africa’s most prolific bird watching destinations. An astounding 862 recorded birds species can be found in Ethiopia. The most motivated ‘tickers’ come from all over the world to...

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